Well Woman Care

In addition to maternity care midwives also provide well woman care and basic health screenings.  Appointments are typically 45-60 minutes to allow time for plenty of discussion, and take place in a friendly home like office setting.  At a well woman appointment you can expect (if you desire):

  • 60 minute appointments. Plenty of time is scheduled for you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and have time for discussion.
  • Comfortable homelike office. Warm and friendly office space. No exam tables or stirrups.
  • Basic physical exam and breast exam.
  • Pap smear, and/or HPV testing. Pap smears as recommended by current guidelines.
  • Birth control discussion. A midwife cannot prescribe birth control, but we can talk about your options and help you pick the best method for you based on your lifestyle and current family plans.
  • Preconception and fertility planning. Trying to get pregnant? We’ll talk about what to do to prepare for pregnancy, or what options you have if it seems like things are taking longer than you would like.
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing. We can test for STIs if you have any concerns.
  • Lab work. Optional testing for thyroid screening, vitamin deficiencies, and anemia.

Office visits are $50.00.  You may be responsible for additional costs for pap smears and blood work depending on your insurance.