Home Birth

Why do women choose home birth?

  • Comfortable surroundings.  When you labor in your own home it is easier to relax.
  • Decreased likelihood of intervention.  Midwives are trained to trust the natural progression of labor and minimize intervention.
  • Greater likelihood of vaginal birth.  Women who plan to birth at home are far more likely to have a natural birth than women who plan a hospital birth.
  • Unlimited support people.  There is no limit put on who you can have support you at your birth, or how many people you have there.  You can have children and pets present too if you want.
  • Freedom of movement in labor.  Midwives practice intermittent fetal heart tone monitoring so you are not confined to your bed.  You are also able to birth in the position you feel most comfortable
  • Eat and drink during labor.  There are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink in labor.  In fact midwives encourage you to be well fed and hydrated.
  • At home postpartum and newborn care.  After a home birth you get to sleep in your own bed.  Your midwife will come to you for the first postpartum appointments, and can provide routine newborn care for your baby for their first six weeks.